Guitar Island

Destination Details

The Guitar Island Beach is one of the rarest visited island beaches among the Andaman and Nicobar group of Islands. The uniqueness of this island is due to its shape of a guitar which is evident to see from aerial view by taking a seaplane ride from Andaman. It was a protected rainforest and coral bearing area in the Long Island group. Today, it is gaining popularity as the Andaman tourist department allows for a day trip visit. It is one of the excellent beaches to visit by all ages of people. You can see an alluring change in seawater color from this white sandy beach.

It is a neat and clean beach as this island is uninhabited by Andaman tribes, villagers or by the forest department. Guitar Island Beach is ideal for honeymooners, nature lovers, monsoon chasers, adventure seekers, and recreational purposes. Andaman is a tourist-friendly island territory of India. It is on the Bay of Bengal Sea. A visit to this island will be a memorable one for a lifetime.