Jet Ski Ride

Jet Ski Ride in Andaman

Jet skiing is an activity  widely practiced across India, especially in Goa, but the Andaman Islands are one of the best places to practice it for many reasons.

 With just the right amount of waves for  fun rides, the waters surrounding the islands offer a great experience.

 Jet skis grab you at high speeds and send you surfing on waves powered by pure energy. A fun activity for the whole family.
The best part is that the price of jet skiing is really low compared to other water sports and can be enjoyed by both children and adults, making it definitely a family activity.

Best places to do Jet Skiing in Andaman:

Although the jet ski experience is almost the same everywhere, in reality it is not. This activity is great when done in places with moderate currents, moderate winds, does not cause fear for marine inhabitants and is guaranteed safe.

 Considering this, here are the  5 best places to jet ski in Andaman:

Carbyn's Cove Beach in Port Blair
Port Blair Water Sports Complex
Elephant Beach on Havelock Island
North Bay Island
Bharatpur Beach on Neil Island

Port Blair
Havelock Island
Neil Island