Bharatpur Beach

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Diving underwater is another must-do in Bharatpur beach to peek at the striking display of marine life. The temperature and clear visibility of the water attracts many travellers for sea exploration in Neil Island. Indulging in the jet ski ride is one of the most casual water sports you can have in Bharatpur Beach. 

Bharatpur Beach, popularly known as the Coral Kingdom of Andaman, is a gorgeous white sand beach, fringed with palm trees with turquoise crystal clear waters.

Bharatpur Beach is simply the best beach in  Neill Island, that is both tranquil and picturesque. Located just 500 meters from the Neil Island jetty it is a perfect place to enjoy time with your friends and family.

Bharatpur beach looks like it has been painted by an artist in his dream. Located just half a kilometer from the jetty, it is considered to be the best beach in Neil Island.

Shallow and clear water caresses the shoreline for around 500 meters making it perfect for you to relax in the water while the children have their share of fun.

Best time to visit Bharatpur Beach

Bharatpur Beach is open 24 hours though the best time to visit this beach is from 5:00 AM to 6:00 PM. During the early morning it is recommended to watch the sunrise and enjoy seclusion and in the evening watch the sun go down. During day time one can indulge in adventures sports and bask under the sun.

Bharatpur Beach is the most important beach in Shaheed Dweep and also the most visited beach. It is located about half a kilometer from the island and is ideal for you to spend quiet evenings, swimming or observing the coral. Bharatpur Beach is the only center for water activities in Shaheed Dweep. Bharatpur Beach on Neil Island offers you water activities like jet skis, banana and speedboat rides, glass bottom boat rides, snorkeling and scuba diving. You can indulge in any activity you are passionate about and have a fun day at Bharatpur beach. This beach is considered the sunrise point on Neil Island. However, most people come here just to participate in water activities. There are restaurants and eateries set up on the beach where you can buy snacks and try the soft and refreshing coconut water. There are proper changing rooms and toilets on the beach that are well maintained. You can go shopping at the shops located on the beach and stroll along the coast. It is best to visit this beach around 8am during the day if you want to participate in water sports. Bharatpur Beach is the hub of all water activities on Neil Island. For all the water activities in Neil Island, you need to go to Bharatpur beach first and then do whatever type of activity suits you. Now, there are various operation options available here. The most famous is the Neil Island diving activity that takes place on Bharatpur beach. During your dive experience, diving center members will take you to Bharatpur beach and your initial training will begin there once you're ready. Then a boat will take you diving with a guide. The second most popular activity here is the glass bottom boat ride, followed by snorkeling. Jetty rides are also organized on this beach and can be used on site.