Sitapur Beach

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Sitapur Beach

Sitapur Beach is another beautiful beach in Neil Island . This beach is located 5 km to the South and is at the tip of this island. Sitapur beach is popular for its iconic sunrise that will stun you as it is primarily famous for sunrise. High tides are a common sight at the Sitapur beach since the beach is exposed to open sea.

You can take a dip or two on the beach but the currents are wild and the tides might get high anytime so it is advisable to avoid swimming at this beach. Jump out of your beds early in the morning and take walk at this beach and enjoy the beauty of the sun as it rises and the color tones of skies as it reflects on the water below. It is a great place for you to introspect and unwind yourself amid nature.

Sitapur Beach is exposed to the open sea and thus prone to higher tides. Also known as the 'Sunrise Beach', this beach offers mesmerizing sunrise views early in the morning. This serene beach has two curved bays and clear blue waters. It is popular for its natural vegetation and limestone formations.

There are a very few places offering food and drink options and hence you are advised to carry your own. Sitapur Beach can be reached by a Jetty or ferry from Port Blair to Neil Island and lies at a distance of 65 km from Port Blair.

Best Time to Visit

from January to May every year as it is the peak season owing to the pleasant weather at that time.

2 to 3 hours.

One of the quietest and most peaceful beaches on Neil Island, Sitapur Beach is located 5 km from the southern tip of the island. It is surrounded by lush greenery on three sides, opening up to a beautiful ocean view on the other side. The beach is less crowded, making it the ideal choice if you want to have a romantic stroll with your lover in complete privacy. Due to little attention from tourists, this beach is well preserved and quite unspoiled, which in itself is a blessing as it is quite primitive in terms of nature and wildlife. You can take a walk along the Sitapur coast to feel relaxed without worrying about the world. Sitapur beach is pristine and completely unpolluted. Thanks to the lower number of tourists coming here. This beach is perfect if you are looking for peace and solace. The coast is dotted with palm trees and tropical jungle, and you can spend a good time there with your traveling companions.