Kala Pathar Beach

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Kalapathar Beach located near Kalapathar Village which is famous for the abundant black stones is an adorning beauty on the famous Havelock Island.

A visit to the Havelock Island is incomplete without exploring Kala Pathar beach.

Witness the unique confluence of the two, along with the spectacular view of the azure sea waters makes up for a striking sight. It is also the perfect site in Andaman for some introspection and much-needed solitude, far away from the humdrum and concrete jungles of the city.

 Enjoy a nice afternoon soaking in the golden sunlight, far away from the crowded beaches of the rest of Havelock. Bask in the exquisite aura of the beach, and enjoy the eye-pleasing panoramic vistas to your heart's content. Be sure to take your camera along, because there is no dearth of mesmerizing views here.

How to reach Kala Pathar Beach

1.From Port Blair

Kala Pathar is located nearly 60 km from Port Blair, and there are several ways to get here. The most luxurious and comfortable way is to book a ticket for the catamaran ferry which has air-conditioned cabinets and takes only an hour and a half to get to the beach. There are also several government ferries available, which take more time - that is, 2.5 hours - and are less comfortable, but they are also cheaper. It is essential that you book your travel in advance because ferry tickets during peak season can be unavailable.

2.From Havelock Island
Kala Pathar beach is only 10 km from Havelock Island, and there are several options for getting here, most of them quite cheap. If you like taking long walks while enjoying the scenery, you can simply stroll to the beach, soaking in the natural beauty around you. You can also hire a taxi or rent a bike to get there. There are no bus services on this route, so your best option is arranging your own travel. If you have a car of your own, it is hardly a 10-minute drive to the beach. You can also avail a boat that is heading from Port Blair on its way to Kala Pathar.

Best time to visit Kala Pathar Beach

Since it is publicly owned, the beach is open 24 hours, so you can witness the mesmerizing beauty of this place at any time. However, it is not recommended to spend too much time close to the sea at night, because the waves in these areas can get really high.





Kalapathar Beach is a beautiful stretch of white sand that attracts visitors with its unique coating of large black rocks along the serene blue sea. This is one of the most beautiful beaches on Havelock Island. Located at the tip of Havelock Island, the name of this beach, Kalapathar, comes from the adjoining street called Black Road. It's a small, peaceful Andaman beach where you can spend quiet hours at your own pace. See mesmerizing sunsets and sunrises in Kalapatar as it is known for its beautiful setting. Kalapatar Beach is not crowded, making it the perfect getaway for couples vacationing in the Andaman. Read on for all the details about this beautiful beach Kalapatar Beach can be best explored in spring and offers the most awe-inspiring experiences between October and May. If you want to capture the scenic beauty of this place, plan ahead. planned for the visit between the mentioned months. However, being the most touristy time, you may find the beach a bit crowded, although it will certainly be less crowded than any other beach in the Andaman.