Guitar Island

Destination Details

Among the Andaman and Nicobar island group, Guitar Island Beach is one of the least visited island beaches. If you travel by seaplane from the Andaman Islands, you can clearly see the guitar shape of this island from above. In the Long Island group, it was a protected rainforest and coral habitat. With the Andaman Tourism Office now allowing day trips, it is growing in popularity. It is one of the best beaches for visitors of all ages. From this white sand beach you can see the attractive color change of the ocean. With no Andaman tribes, villages or tourists living on this island, it is untouched and untouched. Guitar Island in Andaman is a year-round tourist destination. Tourists can go here in different seasons to enjoy the suitable weather. A tropical climate prevails here throughout the year. They are dry in summer and cool in winter. The average temperature is around 22 degrees. Everyone can enjoy the cool sea breeze all year round. This group of islands is located between the Bay of Bengal in the west and the Andaman Sea in the east. The Indian Ocean faces south. A day trip is the only option for all tourists to visit Andaman Guitar Island. This is because there is no accommodation, restaurants or local food vendors on this island. So far Andaman Tourism Department has not roped in tourists to camp here. They consider the place a nature reserve because of the coral reefs, mangroves and rainforests. Booking with a local tour operator is recommended. Guitar Island Beach in Andaman is best visited once in a lifetime. It is ideal for family, friends and honeymooners, companies and groups of people. This island is best for all solo travelers. However, they must all be part of the Guitar Island guided tour.