Merk Bay Beach North Passage IslandMerk Bay Beach North Passage Island

Destination Details

On North Passage Island, Mark Bay Beach is another gorgeous beach that is reachable from Long Island. The remote Ongi tribe is found on the Strait island, which is near to the North Passage island. The island of North Passage has a substantial mangrove forest on one side. Your boat will come to a stop here on the island. It moors itself here next to a wooden jetty. After passing via this little wooden dock, you must go 300 meters through a mangrove jungle before reaching the stunning Mark Bay Beach. This beach's waters make it perfect for swimming and snorkeling. If you enjoy snorkeling, it is advised that you bring your equipment and begin by exploring the abundant aquatic life there. Please be aware that Mark Bay Beach does not provide scuba diving or guided snorkeling. Radhanagar Beach on Havelock Island can be compared to or perhaps surpassed by Mark Bay in terms of experience. Less than 1% of people visit this island, which means that Mark Bay Beach's pollution levels are well under control. One of the most inaccessible and breathtaking beaches you may ever visit is Mark Bay Beach. We were captivated by Mark Bay's allure and vibe when we first arrived there. Mark Bay is described as lovely, and we personally advise anybody looking to get off the main path to visit Mark Bay Beach.