Chatham Saw Mill

Destination Details

In Port Blair the capital of Andaman & Nicobar island Chatham Saw Mill is Situated. It is the Oldest Saw mill In Asia set up in 1883. But during world war 2 this mill was destroyed. In 1950 this mill was again revived in 1950. The museum show you the forest activities of the Andaman islands. You will also see the decorative good of the different kinds of woods like Padauk, Marble, Peauma, Gurjan, Satin Wood etc.

NORMAL:- 20/- & CHIDREN:- 10/-

Located on the Andaman and Nicobar Islands' Chatham Island, the Chatham Sawmill is a tourist attraction. It was founded in 1883 with the purpose of meeting the local sawing and timber needs for construction. Owned by the state government, its maintenance and upkeep is the responsibility of the Forest Service. This factory is the largest and oldest in Asia. It is connected to Port Blair, the capital, by a 100 meter long bridge. Few people know about Chatham Saw Mill because it is located at the end of the site. But now it is starting to gain popularity. When you come here you will immediately know why this is the largest factory. Obviously the place is very noisy as there are various activities going on to turn the raw wood into the final wooden planks. Observing the wood's journey from input, grading, cutting and storage to its transformation into the final product and transportation to different locations is something you shouldn't miss during your stay at Port Blair. Along with all this, the factory tells another less laborious story about the dark days it witnessed. The sawmill fell victim to British bombing during WWII in 1942. There was a bomb crater created at the time and is now filled with water. The Forest Service runs the Forest Museum and provides valuable advice there. Padouk wood carvings, wooden furniture and wooden decorations such as saltwater crocodiles, balance dolls, and more. exposed there