Science Center

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A fun place to spend a relaxing afternoon with friends and family, the Goodwill Real Estate Science Center is an excellent museum established in 2003. This Andaman and Nicobar Islands attraction offers to a fun learning environment as well as a playground with swings and creative slides inside. surround. Interesting natural phenomena like fish behavior according to climate, ocean, etc. explained by the models shown. So both adults and children are mesmerized by this place. The science center in the capital Port Blair presents science facts in a fun and creative way with various simple experiments like liquid paint showing the speed of a liquid etc. You can also see the remains of the plane that first entered the island in this museum. After a week, the amphibian surveillance plane 'VT AAN' crashed and its broken parts were later reassembled and recovered by engineering students on the island. These are now kept in the museum and will soon be accessible to the public. There's also a new Jurassic Park-themed light and sound show. The Science Center is a must-see for all kids, especially. The Science Center is located near Corbyn's famous Clove Beach. Going there will be worth it, especially if you're traveling with students. The entrance fee is also waived upon presentation of identity card.