Mount Harriet

Destination Details

Mount Harriet National Park is located in Port Blair of the Andaman Islands. The national park is not only famous for its collection of flora and fauna, but it also offers great views of the nearby islands. Moreover, with the peacefulness of the Andaman Sea as a backdrop, the attraction of green forests is multiplied. Mount Harriet National Park is the perfect place to spend time in nature. Port Blair has a tropical climate so this is the best time to visit Mount Harriet National Park from October to mid-May. You can also visit the park during the rainy season from late May to September. But due to strong winds and frequent rains, a visit during the monsoon season may not allow you to fully enjoy the park. Mount Harriet National Park in the Andaman is home to a wide variety of plants, trees and wildlife. Among the major plants are Albizia lebbeck, Canarium mania, Endospermum Chinensis, Dipterocarpus Gracilis Mesua ferrea, Terminalia balata, etc. Given its diversity and abundance, it's no wonder the hiking trails here are extremely popular. Furthermore, more than 90 species of birds reside in this park. Some common bird species spotted here are Andaman treepie, Andaman cuckoo, Andaman scops owl, Andaman coucal and many other reptiles and animals like Andaman cobra, elephant from Asia, turtle, chital, lizard , etc.